Mary Seat of Wisdom Academy is an independent Catholic classical high school in the city of Wichita. As a Catholic classical school, we embrace the Church’s perennial form of education and seek to cultivate virtue in the entire person – mind, heart, and body – so that each member of the school is better able to know, love, and glorify God through Christ and His Church.

Mary Seat of Wisdom Academy is:

  • Catholic: The school seeks to pass on the Church’s wisdom and understanding – of God, of man, and of creation – as conveyed in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition. Illuminated and enkindled by these wondrous riches, the student is awakened to the presence of the Creator in all things.
  • Classical: Classical education, the Church’s perennial form of education, seeks to cultivate the entire person.  The goodness and beauty of poetry, great books, and the wonders of creation form the heart and body, while the mind is freed through the liberal arts for the truth in philosophy and theology.
  • School: The school (from the Greek word, schole, meaning leisure) is a place where learning occurs in an attitude of receptivity and rest. Under the tutelage of expert faculty, students contemplate the truth, goodness, and beauty of creation and so are led to a knowledge and love of their Creator.

As an independent school, we are self-governed and operate independently of the diocese of Wichita. However, as a Catholic school we operate with the express blessing and encouragement of Bishop Kemme.