Financial Aid

Mary Seat of Wisdom Academy will provide financial assistance to families who desire that their children to receive a Catholic classical education but are unable to do so.


Sources of Financial Assistance

Two scholarships are available for students wishing to attend MSW.  A student may be awarded one or both scholarships, based upon family need.


ACE Scholarships

Mary Seat of Wisdom Academy is proud to announce that we are a partner school with ACE Scholarships. ACE Scholarships is “a nonprofit organization that raises money from generous donors and then awards financial scholarships to students from low-income families so they can attend the school of their choice”. Information about the scholarships, including instructions on how to apply, can be found in this flyer.

Key Information

  • ACE will award a maximum of $3,000 to a student per year of high school.
  • The maximum qualifying income for a family is 350% of the federal poverty level guidelines.  (For example, the cap for a family of 6 is $146,860 of annual family income.)
  • The scholarship follows the child through their high-school education.
  • The student must be enrolled full-time at MSW to receive the funds.  The funds are paid by ACE to MSW on behalf of the student.
  • Priority for scholarships is given to students from lower-income families.  ACE cannot guarantee that every student will receive a scholarship, or that each student that receives a scholarship will receive the maximum amount.
  • Applications are due by April 15th, 2024.


MSW Scholarships

Mary Seat of Wisdom Academy offers scholarships based upon family needs.  These scholarships are funded entirely through the generosity of our donors.

All families who apply for an MSW scholarship must also apply for the ACE scholarship if the student is enrolled full-time and the family meets the criteria for the ACE scholarship.


Application Process

Step 1: Apply to MSW


Step 2: Family Interview

During the family interview process, the family’s financial situation will be discussed and an initial assessment of the family needs will be made.


Step 3: Enroll

Complete the enrollment process.


Step 4: Apply to ACE Scholarships

Apply for an ACE Scholarship.  This application is the parent’s responsibility.  The deadline for this application is April 15th, 2024.  Once you have submitted your ACE scholarship, MSW will be asked to verify that the student is enrolled.  Upon verification by MSW, ACE will process the application and determine the amount that will be awarded.


Step 5: MSW Scholarship

Once the amount of the ACE scholarship has been determined, a final assessment of the family’s needs will be made.  If further financial assistance is required, MSW will determine and award the additional scholarship amount.


Student Responsibility

A student who receives scholarships from ACE and/or MSW is expected to act in a manner that shows gratitude and appreciation for the gift received.  The student is expected to maintain satisfactory grades, as well as appropriate conduct at school.  Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of the scholarship.


Cancellation of Scholarships

MSW may cancel a scholarship at any time due to changes in the family’s financial situation, failure to pay tuition in a timely manner, or the student’s loss of good standing at MSW.