The Music class aims to instill in students the habits of the liberal art of music. It focuses especially upon musica instrumentalis and the theory, history, and practice of music. Goals of this course of study include a grasp of the historical development and traditions of different types of music, as well as listening to and understanding good music. This course is also important for the general musical foundation of education in the broad sense, insofar as excellent music promotes the moral life of students. The class throughout a student’s career includes learning to sing, as well as learning about and listening to the entire tradition of music (from chant through classical to folk music).

In particular, students will learn to sing across the range of the Church’s liturgical tradition, especially in Holy Mass. In Grades 9 and 10, students will receive instruction in Gregorian chant, learning Latin hymns and the parts of the Mass, both the Ordinary and the various Propers. This instruction will be completed by more advanced instruction in chant and by participation in a polyphonic choir in Grades 11 and 12. The Music class in the latter grades will also feature instruction in the study of musical harmony and music theory. It is in these classes especially where elements of the Quadrivium (arithmetic and music) find their proper place in the School’s curriculum.