Mary Seat of Wisdom Academy


Mary Seat of Wisdom Enrollment Process

  1. Submit the MSW Application (there is no fee!)
    • Beginning January 1st
  1. Complete a family and scholarship interview with the Headmaster
    • Beginning March 1st
  1. Submit the MSW Enrollment form (provided after the interview) and pay the enrollment fee
    • Beginning March 1st
  1. MSW scholarship packages will be offered to families no later than two weeks after enrollment
    • Beginning March 15th
  1. Accept the scholarship package and sign a tuition agreement
    • Beginning March 15th

A Wichita Catholic Classical School

As a school which embraces an ancient educational vision and which endeavors to reintroduce the Church’s educational tradition, our new Catholic high school (starting with grade 9) will be a paradoxically fresh cultural oasis for modern students thirsty for the true, good, and beautiful.

More and more Catholic schools around the nation are recovering this vision of education and are seeing dramatic turnarounds with better school performance and a spiritually and intellectually invigorated student body.

Needless to say, we’re excited to finally offer this deeply formative education for Wichita Catholic high schoolers

School starts Fall 2023!

Mary Seat of Wisdom Academy is proud to be an official ICLE Member School. The Institute for Catholic Liberal Education (ICLE) was founded in 1999 to help educators renew today’s Catholic schools by drawing on the Church’s tradition, which frees teachers and students for the joyful pursuit of faith, wisdom, and virtue. The goal is different from that of secular schools, therefore the approach should be different. Through its many programs, services, conferences, retreats, and publications, the Institute immerses educators in the philosophy, the content, and even the tools of teaching and learning that lead to a deeper encounter with Truth, who is Jesus Christ.