Mary Seat of Wisdom Academy aims to pass on the Church’s intellectual and moral traditions by immersing students in them and allowing students to be formed by them.  By devoting itself to the perpetuation of the Church’s two thousand years of tradition in the children of today, we seek to cooperate with the Holy Spirit and allow the light of the Church’s truth, goodness, and beauty to shine into the future.

But we cannot do this alone.  MSW does not receive any financial support from the diocese, and so we need your help.  We want to offer this education to all families who are interested, regardless of their financial situation.  Give today to help the next generation of Wichita Catholics grow up nourished by the riches of the Church and God’s creation.

Thank you for your generosity!  Your donation allows us to offer a high-quality Catholic classical education to students in Wichita.

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Mary Seat of Wisdom Academy Inc. is a Kansas not-for-profit corporation organized and operated exclusively for educational purpose, and is a recognized federal tax-exempt entity under Section 501(c)(3).  As with all tax matters, you should consult a qualified tax preparer for advice about whether a particular donation is tax deductible for you.