Faculty Profile: Nathan Carpenter

Music and Gym with Mr. Carpenter

Under the direction of Mr. Nathan Carpenter, students at Mary Seat of Wisdom will sing and play! The study of music and physical exercise is foundational to the classical education offered at Mary Seat of Wisdom, as through song and exercise the student comes to know both himself and the beautiful world around him in concrete and palpable ways.

Mr. Carpenter’s planned course of study for music includes the study of both sacred music—plainsong, polyphony, and classic English hymns—and folk music, as well as music history and theory. We know little of Heaven, but we do know that music is an essential activity of the saints in Heaven (Rev. 4:10-11; 5:11-14, 7:11-12). By studying music, we prepare our hearts and voices to sing eternal praise to God in Heaven.

Aristotle talks about the five intellectual virtues. St. Thomas Aquinas discusses the four moral virtues. Not to be outdone, Mr. Carpenter talks about the eight physical virtues – endurance, balance, coordination, speed, strength, power, agility, and flexibility. To cultivate these virtues in their bodies, during Gym students will engage in a variety of sports and games, including basketball, soccer, volleyball, frisbee, and juggling as well as running and dancing.

Family life is the wellspring for a student’s growth. By incorporating sports into every school day (in our daily Gym class), we encourage physical activity while still allowing ample time for restful family life once the school day is finished.

Mr. Carpenter comes to MSW from St. Anne Catholic School, where he has taught music and a variety of other subjects since 2017. In addition, Mr. Carpenter has directed the Latin Mass Choir at St. Joseph’s parish since 2019. He has a BFA in Music from Wichita State University and has studied both Education and Classical Education at Ft. Hays State University and the University of Dallas.

Find the application for MSW’s first freshman class, beginning this fall, at our website:

Student and Parent Testimonials

“(He is) fun and energetic” and “tries his best to help others to the best of his ability no matter how hard it is.”
– Justice, student at St. Anne’s Catholic School

“Nathan has been a true servant showing love and compassion to his students. Getting to know the kids and helping them to grow in faith by example, not just words… a teacher we both love as a brother in Christ and admire for his willingness to show love, compassion, and understanding to the kids in his class everyday.”
– Theresa, parent at St. Anne’s Catholic School

A Poem by Mr. Carpenter

Mr. Carpenter is so excited for Mary Seat of Wisdom Academy to be opening this year that he wrote a poem to attempt to convey his joy. It is a beautiful poem that wonderfully conveys what we aim to do here at MSW.

Listening to gentle breeze,
of air through cottonwood trees.
A dream awaits, which I have foreseen,
A dream awaits, which I have foreseen,

A teacher who listens, and yet conveys
Lessons which give students beauty and strength,
Who sets an example which they imitate.
This future is tangible, oh so near.

They open their books and also their mind.
They cultivate virtues, the truth they will find.
The fasts and the feasts become more sublime,
As God’s plan of salvation is ever more clear.

The school is harmonious, it brings members joy.
This is a place set apart from foul noise.
It motivates us to give girls and boys
The chance to be saints, ever holding as dear…

Unique wonder and awe, and deep observation.
List’ning to Scripture, in real conversation.
We seek out the good, undergo transformation.
The friendships we forge, teach God’s Kingdom is here.

Further Reading

For a reflection on how harmony in music can teach us about living harmoniously with others, most especially in marriage, please enjoy “Contrapuntal Order: Music Illuminates Social Harmony,” by John Ahern, published in First Things.


Mary, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us!