Faculty Profile: Dr. Susan Crane-Laracuente

Latin with Dr. Susan Crane-Laracuente

This week we invite our readers to meet the magistra, Dr. Susan Crane-Laracuente, PhD.

Dr. Crane-Laracuente, an Associate Professor of English at Newman University, has lived and taught in Wichita for nearly 15 years. She teaches Latin, writing, the structure and history of English, and world literature.

We believe that the best introduction to the magistra will come from her own students, who give her nothing but praise:

“I loved having Dr. Crane as a Latin professor—her quirky but delightful personality, as well as her evident love of the language, made learning it so much fun! I always looked forward to classes, which were not just grammar lessons, but were more like activity sessions incorporating food, conversations, and even a little acting to really bring the dead language back to life! She also did such a good job of finding and sharing examples of Latin, both from antiquity and from the medieval church, so that I never felt that I had a lack of resources to pull on and practice with.”
– Thomas Elliott, seminarian at the St. Joseph House of Formation and student at Newman University

“Dr. Crane is a fantastic teacher. [B]eing in the English program, I benefited from her expertise in quite a few classes… She is certainly a great teacher of general writing, but her passion and skills lie more with the structure or the building blocks of language. She was the kind of teacher who made you break down sentences word for word to make sure you understood every piece that was involved.”
– Emily Simon, former student of Dr. Crane-Laracuente at Newman University

We are honored to have Dr. Crane as a member of our faculty at Mary Seat of Wisdom Academy. With her instruction, MSW students will also witness Latin and the world of language come to life!

Find the application for the incoming freshman class here:

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