A Day in the Life of a Student at MSW

Each day at Mary Seat of Wisdom Academy will start with and be centered around prayer. Before starting our studies, he will come together with his schoolmates to pray Morning Prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours so that he is prepared to receive the blessings of instruction and fellowship throughout the day. 

From there, his week is structured like college, with some classes meeting Monday, Wednesday, Friday and others meeting Tuesday and Thursday. His Monday classes start with Latin and move into Mathematics, allowing him to tackle some of the most analytical subjects while still fresh in the morning. Once warmed up, he’ll have Great Books with Dr. Traffas, looking to the ancients so that he can better understand the modern world. 

Before lunch, he will come together with the entire school community for Mass, which we will thankfully be able to have every day! What should be the center of his life will also be the center of his school day, connecting all of his studies to the One who created them all. After feasting together at the Mass, the community will feast together at lunch, before moving onto the more active classes: Natural History and Gym. Between these two classes will be a Study Hall, so that he can use his time at school to work on school work, allowing for more time at home to be dedicated to family time. 

His Tuesdays follow a similar schedule, although with longer classes, as they will only meet twice a week. After Morning Prayer, he will go to the Trivium, where he learns the tools—grammar, logic, rhetoric—he will carry with him to all other subjects. After that is a similarly foundational class: Scripture & Catechesis. His afternoons on Tuesdays begin with Music and lead to Gym, allowing him to use his voice and his body for the glory of God.

Each day he and his classmates come together to learn, they will have an opportunity to use all of their strengths—individual and communal, intellectual and physical—to grow in their knowledge of God. While we at MSW believe a classical education is that which best suits the human person and expands the mind, we also know that classical education is that which best prepares the human to see and know God, the focus of all we do here at Mary Seat of Wisdom Academy. 

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